11-15-21 Back to Where it All Began

Many moons ago – circa 2007 – I started blogging my trading thoughts, ideas, frustrations, and far more in an intense online trading diary which many of you followed. I did this primarily as a personal motivational and accountability tool, while also trying to bring some transparency to an industry so often clouded with smoke and mirrors. In the months and years to follow, requests to speak, teach, write, facilitate trading venues, and far more became, well, overwhelming to say the least. A book, 15 Jellie programs, 1000s of tweets, dozens of speaking engagements, and co-founding a global trading network will do that to you! While I was pleased with the Chronicles book and subsequent teaching forums which helped fund various charitable causes, and thoroughly enjoyed working alongside fine folks like Robin, Damon, Kim, Linda, Brett, Larry, and Ariel over the past dozen years, balancing everything while maintaining a sense of purpose and pursuing other life pursuits became unmanageable.

Almost two years ago, I made the difficult decision to step away from the public forum – including the global network that we so recently established – to focus on higher life priorities. So much has happened in recent years, including losing the last three of our parents to difficult circumstances, seeing both of our daughters get married, dealing with a global pandemic, and more recently, relocating from our 40 year-old family home on Cape Cod to the foothills of western Maine to work alongside an incredible team of entrepreneurs, former Navy Seals, and just darn incredible people committed to restoring U.S. manufacturing and revitalizing a once-proud local economy. And while I feel I’ve provided at least a small amount of value in leading their financial efforts, they’ve provided me with far more in the context of a re-centering, re-birth, and a team-above-self attitude. In making the move, we downsized into a smaller home, with the upsides including a far simpler life and living only 20 feet from one of Maine’s beautiful lakes.

I continue to love, monitor, and trade the financial markets, am never far from them, and continue to learn from them daily. They will forever remain living entities that teach, confirm, humble, and expose one’s strengths and weaknesses. And while at the age of 60, I’ve had to tweak my approach slightly to reflect evolving levels of mental bandwidth and addressing other commitments, not much has really changed in terms of basic concepts, beliefs, indicators, and approach.

So here we are. Back to where it all began. I’m frankly not anticipating doing much on the teaching or commercial front, aside from working with a few traders. Yet I still love to write, and feel I still have something to give to an industry that has taught and given me so much. So consider this post the start of Blog v2. There’s so much to discuss, including recent lessons, views on current market rhythms, Crypto, and more … yet we’ll leave that for future posts. I also have no clue as to posting frequency … let’s just see where things lead. I’ve inserted a “Trade of the Week” placeholder to provide at least some sort of personal motivation, and perhaps we’ll even add a few new Trading After Dark videos in the coming months. The only thing I know is that everything will be at a pace of my choosing … a lesson learned from the past 15 years.

As always, feel free to drop me a line at d.f.miller@comcast.net or via Twitter @millerdon. And please drop me a line if you ever find yourself in the incredible beauty of this part of northern New England. In the meantime, be well, and aim to love, uplift, and inspire.