12-3-21 The Part-Time Trader Journey Begins

And we’re off. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve begun a new journey of seeing if I could grow a modest $225k portfolio (# corrected from earlier post) that I’ve set aside to $1.0m over two years on an extremely part-time basis. As I mentioned last week, this is in part to answer a friend’s question, as well as to better relate to so many traders who – like I do currently – have other commitments, priorities, and/or revenue streams.

As I suspected might happen, the week reinforced so many of my longstanding views including:

– Carefully managed holding times due to inability to monitor the market.
– Necessity to pass on a number opportunities where “one must be present to win”.
– Needing to be skilled, confident, and mentally sharp to take advantage when able.
– Manage frustrations caused by opportunity loss.

All of the above were in play this week – including #4 in spades – yet I suppose I can’t be too displeased with the start. Here are some key stats generated by Tradervue on the week, as well as my own equity tracking chart. Click on any to enlarge. Note that most of the revenue was generated by non-leveraged ETFs with essentially zero commissions aside from the nominal SEC fee on the selling side.

Of course there are a ton other stats that I’ll likely dissect from time to time, yet we’ll close leg one as is.  Someday, this will again revert to full-time – perhaps re-engaging with the network we built – and I can’t wait to some day disclose my other current project and the love/joy I have for the team and mission.