11-30-21 Shall We Play a “New” Game?

I was chatting with someone the other day who asked me if it was “possible” (his words) for a skilled trader to grow $225k into $1.0m over a 24-month period on a part-time basis trading with no overnight holds and overall “minimal risk” (again, his words … yet perhaps not the best) by trading primarily index ETFs, futures, and only occasionally options. The “part-time” component was key, which would mean lots of opportunity loss in terms of lack of a full-time market presence given other priorities, and would thus largely rely on ETH and RTH book-end trading.

My response?  After some thought, I said something to the effect of “Let me give it a whirl and I’ll let you know.” So here we go … again … yet not really.

What I mean is I know we did something similar a while back, yet that was with a larger starting portfolio and full-time presence where we took $700k and grew it publicly to $2.3m.  Yet as I’ve pointed out recently, I’m largely committed to another endeavor that is consuming the vast majority of my time and takes my highest priority. I’m also “enjoying life” during much of my off-time, which presents a further challenge. Yet that’s what makes this challenge so intriguing … limited hours & limited opportunity … two constraints I currently have that are common to so many part-time traders.

So here we go. I allocated $225k this week solely for this purpose, and all trading data will be loaded into Tradervue for statistical analysis and eventual audit. I’ll look to post statistical updates here from time to time as time and interest permit – I’m thinking a minimum of a weekly statistical summary out of TV – as well as what I’m thinking, including likely being pissed at missing opportunities (as I said the other day, one can do anything … just not everything).  The ultimate goal will be to have some fun while providing a response to my friend’s question … at least from one person’s perspective and experience.

Looking forward to discovering the answer.