11-26-21 Twenty Post-Turkey Day Leftovers

As I slowly come back “onto the grid”, here are some thoughts from the last two years … interspersed between life and trading (and aren’t they forever entangled?)

1. Commission-free ETFs have been a huge boon for traders and killer for FCMs. Love ’em, still trade ’em.
2. Writing a diary – whether life or trading – is therapeutic. Blog away, even if in private. And yes, I’ve missed not having the time to do it.
3. Trading support levels are great … just be darn sure you get confirmation of the turn. Just look at last night’s Covid v3 futures debacle which wiped out more than a few traders.
4. Debating on social media is futile.
5. Continual evolution in trading and life is a necessity.
6. That razor-thin line between confidence and being a jerk will forever exist … and we all cross it from time to time.
7. Naps will never be overrated. It’s amazing how a 10 minute power nap can gain you 1-2 hours at the end of the day.
8. Maine – much like other places on this wonderful planet – has more beauty than there will ever be time to fully explore.
9. I am vaccinated. It was a personal risk/benefit choice after considering all scenarios with no hidden agenda. I respect everyone’s personal decision, yet don’t regret it despite being down for 26 hours after the second dose. As a part of my annual physical, I’m having my antibodies checked to decide the timing of the booster.
10. Live life such that you have as few regrets as possible when it’s over. I say “few” because wouldn’t we all love to scream a few things at our younger selves?
11. I still – and will forever – have tinnitus. It has zero effect on my quality or quantity of life, yet will forever be there.
12. A few years ago, I was 57 yet felt 75. Now – working as much if not more than before – I’m 60 and feel 40.
13. Having a purpose in life is like having a rudder on a boat. When I’ve gone astray, it’s usually been because I’ve lost my sense of purpose.
14. A 20 foot pontoon boat 20 feet from the house is a priceless and immediate relaxation getaway.
15. Seeing SUVs drive on a Maine lake in January still boggles my mind.
16. On the trading front, I’m still looking for that next challenge. Even after a record-setting performance, creating simulations, authoring a book, and creating a world-class trading network, my drive remains strong.
17. My best trading performance has always paralleled a race or competition, even against myself as was the case during the documented race of the 2000s. Ideas/thoughts always welcome. Perhaps we have a real race among 5 takers … I’d welcome the “iron sharpens iron” and “best beats better” aspects, and we’d shake hands when it’s all done ala NHL Stanley Cup fashion.
18. If I haven’t mentioned it, we had to put “Grace” down two years ago after 17 years (12 with me). Her replacement was a 2017 Nissan Rogue … which I still haven’t named.
19. Negative momentum is as strong as positive momo. Getting an external shove or theoretical slap in the face can help.
20. It’s been 20 years since Chelsea – now married and helping lead a company in the medical industry – was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She still has “Wags” that was so kindly sent to her by Larry Connors immediately upon her diagnosis.

Enjoy the weekend, and let’s have some fun in the coming years! Ideas always welcome to don@traderchronicles.com.