11-15-21 TOS Screen

Hi again. Given the deluge of email responses to my earlier post from TOS users, I thought I’d post a pic of my current TOS screen, along with the TOS share link. The setup essentially mirrors much of what I’ve used over the years, with a few tweaks reflecting dashboard components that our network refined over the last few years. I’ll post more thoughts, how I use it, etc. in the near future. In the meantime, one of the more interesting tweaks I’ve made recently – in lieu of three-line break – is the use of wickless Heiken-Ashi candles on the 1-minute chart to denote turn signals at key levels and keep one on the right side of the market with just the right amount of confirmation without paying up too much. The horizontal lines reflect value area boundaries for interim support/resistance and breakout zones, and the arrows reflect momo indicators our network uses.  I hope it helps and it was great to hear from so many folks.

11-16 7:15 am Update – For some reason, I was informed the momo arrow indicators are not showing on the share link. I’ll look into that and follow up.